Impactful Research at SVATIJ

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Impactful Research @ SVATIJ

Being in Silicon Valley, SVATIJ understands cutting edge research better than most. Unlike university affiliated research journals we are independently run by extra ordinary researchers with the single minded focus on quality and impact.

SVATIJ impact measurement is our in-house technology to measure the impact of every single paper on industry. We select only highest quality of papers to ensure that we optimize for impact and not mere publication.

How we ensure impact

  • We have a healthy mix of both academicians and working professionals in our editorial and review team. Being close to some of the biggest tech companies in the world gives us unique leverage in this regard.
  • Our review process does not stop at publication. Once a paper is published we continue to share it with all the researchers we come across and seek their active feedback. This helps us decide the future direction of the journal and a better feedback mechanism.
  • We ensure your papers are indexed everywhere and have high visibility so that we can keep track of citations of the paper.
  • We have several automated as well as manual processes to check every paper for plagiarism. We have 0 tolerance policy towards plagiarism and we will permanently ban authors who might submit such work to us.

How authors can help us

  • Ensure that your cite all relevant research in your papers.
  • Ensure that reviewer’s feedback is properly incorporated in your final submissions (though this is not binding).
  • Ensure that you are solving problems that need to be solved and have practical applications at least in distant future.