Call For Papers

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Call for Papers - 2020

SVATIJ invites papers from authors for the first issue of year 2020 to be published in April 2020.

Deadline to submit March 10 2020


While we will accept high quality papers related to any advanced topics related to computer science our focus and preference is on the following topics.

  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Deep Learning
  • Theoretical Machine Learning
  • Advanced Programming Languages and Program analysis
  • Internet of Things
  • Security for Internet of Things
  • Microservice architectures
  • Self Driving Autonomous Vehicles
  • Medical Applications of Machine Learning technologies.
  • Nano electronics

All papers must be exclusively submitted to our journal. All papers must be either original research work or should be literature surveys summarizing existing state of art for a specific topic. Please see Author Guidelines for more details.

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