Author Guidelines

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Author Guidelines

This page serves as an instruction manual for authors who wish to publish their papers in our journal.

Call For Papers Submit Paper

Prepare your manuscript

  • We recommend you follow ACM journal article format. While it is not necessary we suggest you use Overleaf web editor. Overleaf provides the Latex template here. You may also use Microsoft Word, Open Office or PDF. However in case you submit a PDF you will also have to submit word, latex or open office document if your paper gets accepted.
  • Ensure that your paper is complete, devoid of grammatical and spelling mistakes and all the tables and figures are readable.
  • Size of paper does not matter however we insist on simple language that makes the paper easy to understand and readable.

Submit your paper

  • Once your paper is ready for submission please look for “Call for Papers” page here.
  • Call of papers page will have issue specific instructions and links to our journal system. Each author will have to create an account in our OJS system and submit the paper. The UI for this system is self explanatory.
  • By submitting your paper you consent to our terms of conditions and assign us the copyright of your content.
  • Note that only one author needs to create an account and submit the paper. The author who submits the paper should ensure that they have permission to submit the paper and assign the copyright.
  • Note that you can not submit the same paper to multiple journals. Once you submit your paper to us, you will have to wait until you hear from us.
  • If we notice that you have been publishing the same paper in other journals we may blacklist you from our journal and will also reach out to other journals.

Author Responsibilities

  • It is responsibility of the author to ensure that they own all the necessary content rights to submit the paper to our journal.
  • Our journal will not be responsible for any misrepresentation done by the authors.

After Submission

  • We assign reviewers to each paper. Each paper will be reviewed by at least 2 expert reviewers.
  • Reviewers might approve or reject the paper or ask the authors to make changes.
  • Authors may or may not agree to these changes and still resubmit the paper with all changes, partial changes or no changes.
  • Reviewers will eventually let the editorial board know their decision.
  • Editorial board will make the final decision about the paper and authors will receive an email.
  • We try our best to complete this process in 20 working days.


  • Your paper once accepted will be published in the most immediate volume. While we try to publish a paper as soon as possible depending on the volume of papers we deal with we may chose to publish in the subsequent issues.
  • We do not publish our journals in print medium unless someone specifically requests for a printed volume.


  • Being an open access journal we do not charge anyone to read and access your papers.
  • Authors however may be required to pay us a fee to submit their paper in future.