Frequently Asked Questions for Authors

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Frequently Asked Questions for Authors

  • How should I submit my paper ?

You need to visit Dashboard and create an account. Then click on My Submissions > Submit New Paper.

  • I have multiple authors. Should each of use create a separate account ?

No. Only one author should create an account and submit the paper.

  • Which journal issue do I submit my paper to ?

You can not select any specific issue. We will decide which issue your paper will get published in.

  • How long does it take to review the paper ?

Our industry experts will try to get your paper reviewed within 20 days. Please note that some reviewers might ask you to make changes to your paper. After making those changes it might take a little more time to review those changes again.

  • Do I get to know who is reviewing my paper ?

No. It is a blindfold review.

  • Will the reviewer get to know my name ?

Yes. Reviwer will see your name and your full paper.

  • How will I know if the paper was reviewed and accepted or rejected ?

The “status” column in your submissions will change to either accepted or rejected. In rare cases we might reach out to you requesting you to make specific changes in such cases the status would be “CHANGE REQUESTED”