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About Us

Silicon Valley Advanced Technology and Innovation (SVATIJ) is a peer reviewed journal dedicated to publishing research of highest quality with an impact on pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Run from the heart of technology hub of the world, we publish the highest quality peer reviewed research from extra-ordinary researchers of the world.

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Location: 4425 Fortran Dr, Suite 22 , San Jose, CA 95134

For any questions and queries please email us at support at svatij.org

SVATIJ is a brand new journal as of February 2020. We are in the process of getting our first issue published on June 1. This also means that our journal does not yet have some of the features of established journals such as ISBN numbers nad DOI indexes. However we are fully committed to providing all the industry standard features within next few months.

Why publish with SVATIJ

SVATIJ has a very high quality bar. Because of our unique location in the heart of the technological innovation we have access to extraordinary researchers and reviewers. We are able to rightly access whether your research is impactful or not. Publishing your research in SVATIJ also enables you to connect with other researchers working in your area.

Open Access

SVATIJ is an open access journal. This means all our publications are available online without any fees. We believe that research should be made freely available to everyone could access it further the boundaries of science.

Focus Areas

Objective of SVATIJ is to focus on technologies that are considered advanced for our times. This means our focus areas could change over time and yet we would always be on the periphery of the technological boundaries.

For the year 2020 we encourage researchers to submit us their research in area of machine learning, big data, analytics, deep learning and blockchain.


We use automated technologies to detect plagiarism and also insist that all the paper reviewers check the manuscripts for plagiarism. We have 0 tolerance policy against submission of plagiarised papers and we reserve the right to not just refuse the publication but also blacklist individuals for submitting plagiarize content.

Editorial and Peer Review Process

We use industry standard OJS software to solicit manuscripts from the researchers. Both authors and reviewers need to be be registered users of our platform. Reviewers are chosen based on their expertise. We ensure that all our reviewers are extra-ordinary researchers or professionals with years of experience working in specific domain.

Each reviewers will rate the paper based on described criteria. The editorial board will then decide to accept the paper or not based on the reviews.

Author guidelines

Please refer to our author guidelines for details instructions for the authors.

Papers are accepted for publication on the understanding that exclusive copyright in the paper is assigned to the Publisher. Authors are asked to sign a copyright assignment form after acceptance of their papers.